The Fingerboard Extension is a fretted instrument and drum store catering to local residents. We carry a wide selection of hardware for both fretted instruments and drums and we also carry many consignments, leading to a varied selection of merchandise. So drop by and see what new and interesting items we have in stock, or just stop by and try one of our many instruments.

The Fingerboard Extension started in 1978 when Ted Tom, an accomplished guitar, banjo, mandolin, and dobro player, opened the store out of his home. From its humble beginnings in Ted and Keta Tom’s house, the Fingerboard Extension has now become a hub for local Corvallis musicians.

Tim Martin, a journeyman road musician; Kaleb Kent guitar tech & pedal maker; Jeff Simpson, guitar tech, customer service; Chris Ward guitar tech, customer service and string man for the Cherry Poppin Daddies and Keta Tom our semi-retired leader work hard to get repairs done quickly and get you into the instument of your dreams. Jeff  will take care of your ordering needs if we do not have what you are searching for currently in stock. We do some mail order and we are on Reverb with a limited inventory.

During the COVID 19 alert,  When you are in the store, wear a mask or bandanna. The store has everclear sanitizer, please use it before touching anything.